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Saint Cuthbert's Way Ultra 45M

Trail Outlaws present Saint Cuthbert's Way Ultra. - The Race Against the Tide! Bridging the national borders between Scotland and England. The race starts at the historic town of Melrose in the Scottish Borders and finishes at Wooler in Northumberland. The route follows a way marked path heading Eastwards crossing large sections of the beautiful Scottish Borders region and the Northumberland National Park. The race finishes at at the lovely market place town of Wooler.(Only the 100KM race involves beating the tide to Holy Island.)

Although the race starts at Melrose, most people decide to register at Wooler and leave their car at Wooler which is where the race finishes. If you decide to do this. You can also book a coach transfer from Wooler to Melrose to get you start of the race, if you do not have a support team to take you. You are also able to register at Melrose if that is a better option for you.

All runners are given a GPS tracker, which is great for friends and family tracking you from home or on route.



There will be 150 places available for the 45M race. The entry fee is £78/£80 for the 45M race. Entry fees will rise to £88/£90 on 01/10/2022.

Qualification requirement

All entrants must have completed a race of at least marathon distance within the time limits for that race. The race should have been completed within the last 3 years. If you have not run a race of least marathon distance, but will be running one before this race takes place, then you can enter in advance.

Cut Offs

The 45 mile race must be completed within 17 hours. There are additional cut off times for the checkpoints. Please see the Checkpoints Tab for further information.

Route and Course Markings

The route follows way marked Saint Cuthbert's Way markings and does not deviate from the official route.

First Aid

All of the check points have basic first aid facilities. If you suffer an injury or accident that warrants direct medical attention and you are not able to get to an aid station, then please phone one of the race directors(07734309500 or 07984307900). If you have no phone contact, ask any runners or members of the public that pass you to relay the message. If you are injured but able to walk, please make your way to the nearest check point. If you suffer a severe injury, encounter someone in serious difficulty or are in any doubt at all please call 999. If you are on/beside a driveable tarmac road then please ask for the Ambulance service. If you are not by a drivable road then please request the Police and request Mountain Rescue.

Borders General Hospital, Huntlyburn, Melrose, TD6 9BS. 01896 826000

Alnwick Infirmary, Infirmary Drive, Alnwick, Northumberland, NE66 2NS. 0344 811 8111


All entrants get their race t-shirt, if they enter at least two weeks before the race. All finishers get a race medal.

There are also male and female prizes for the categories shown below.

Senior 40-49 50-59 60-69 70 plus
First Three First finisher First finisher First finisher First finisher

Saint Cuthbert's Way Ultra 45M - Schedule

  • FRI 23/06/2023 - 17:00 - 20:00Wooler YHA

    Race Registration for runners getting coach from Wooler.

    Collect race number/tracker.

    Drop Bag Hand Over.

  • FRI 23/06/2023 - 21:00Wooler Auction Mart

    Coach leaves Wooler for Melrose.
  • FRI 23/06/2023 - 21:15Melrose Abbey Mill Park

    Registration window at Melrose

    Collect race number/tracker.

    Drop Bag Hand Over.

  • FRI 23/06/2023 - 21:50Melrose Abbey Mill Park

    Race Briefing.
  • FRI 23/06/2023 - 22:00Melrose Abbey Mill Park

    Race Start.
  • SAT 24/06/2023 - 15:00Wooler YHA

    Race cut off.

Check Point Food and Snacks

There will be water, coke and snacks at every checkpoint. Snacks will include sweets, fruit and savoury options.

Hot drinks a wider selection of snacks/food will be available at Morebattle.

But it is advised that you use your own nutrition and drop bags if you require substantial food types and choice.

At the finish there will be hot drinks and more substantial food stuffs. But again should you require a small meal (and it is highly advisable after an ultra distance event). Please but something in your finish bags.

Drop Bags/Finish Bag

For the 45M race one drop bag will be allowed at Morebattle.

Please keep the drop bags to a reasonable size. (A carrier bag size at most). Don't put too much food and drink in there as many people, end up not using most of what they put in their drop bags. Drop bags MUST be clearly labeled, write on your name/number and drop bag location.

Drop bags are not returned or taken to the finish if unused. So please do not put anything in that you would want back!

Finish Bag

We can also take items taken to the start back to finish ie keys, wallets, warm clothes. These should be put in a bag labeled finish and also have your name on the bag. Again please remember that space is limited, so only fetch essential items to the start with you.

Mandatory Kit

  1. Proof of ID (Kit check only)
  2. Whistle
  3. Head torch(with spare batteries)
  4. Survival bag
  5. Compass
  6. Maps
    1. St Cuthbert's Way: XT40 Edition
    2. OR 3 OS maps OS Explorer: 338,OL16,340
  7. Hat and gloves
  8. Waterproof jacket
  9. Waterproof trousers
  10. Minimum of 500ml water
  11. Emergency food/sport bar
  12. Personal cup
  13. Mobile phone number of the race directors +447734309500 (Tim)
  14. Fully charged phone
  15. Flashing LED lights for night running

Main Rules

  1. All competitors must be running under their own names and numbers. No swapping of numbers or running in another’s place will be accepted. If you are found to be running in another’s place you will be disqualified.
  2. You must log your number with race marshals at each check point. It is your responsibility to make sure the marshal takes your number.
  3. Any competitor who is deemed unfit to continue by the race directors, marshals or medics will be withdrawn from race. The decision will be FINAL.
  4. Runners must carry all mandatory equipment at all times during the race unless stated otherwise at Race Briefing by the Race Director. If found to be not carrying the required kit at any time, you will be disqualified.
  5. If you decide to retire from the race you must notify a marshal. You must surrender your race number and you will not be allowed to continue.
  6. Unsporting behaviour (cheating) will not be tolerated and result in immediate disqualification. This includes but not limited to, not carrying mandatory kit at all times, taking short cuts, use of PEDs.
  7. We strongly advise against the using of NSAIDs (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs i.e Ibuprofen) during the events, as they are proven to cause harm during endurance events. Doing so against this advice is strictly at the competitor’s risk.
  8. All runners take full responsibility for their own navigation during the event.
  9. You must have your bib number visible at all times or easily accessible to show the Check Point team.
  10. If you do not leave an aid station before the cut off time you will not be allowed to continue for safety, cut-off times will be strictly enforced. If you get to the finish line after the final cut off you will unfortunately not be listed as an official finisher and will not be eligible for awards.
  11. Littering will result in immediate disqualification. We must respect the trails at all times. Some of our events take place in SSSI (Sites of Special Scientific Interest), and securing permission to host events in these areas is very difficult. If you litter you not only jeopardise the events future, but more importantly you jeopardise the area.
  12. Dogs are NOT allowed to take part in the event. They present a trip hazard to other runners and a risk of upsetting livestock of local land owners.
  13. Earphones/headphones may be used, but MUST be taken off head or out of ears completely at certain points.
    1. When you’re approaching a road crossing
    2. When you’re approaching a checkpoint
    3. If you see a marshal in hi-viz anywhere along the race route
    4. On any section of trail narrow enough that you’re running single file
    5. Speakers are not allowed
    6. If you forget about your earphones, and a marshal signals you to remove them, you must do so immediately. If you try to argue the point about your music being turned off, your earphones may be confiscated from you until the race finish, and you also risk being removed from the race for your own safety, i.e. disqualified.
  14. You do not have a right of way priority over any other users of the course, you must respect other users of the course throughout the duration of the event.
  15. The race has an ARC permit number and will be held under ARC rules. We recommend that you make yourself familiar with ARC rules specific to trail running: http://www.runningclubs.org.uk/rules
  16. No mules(A pacer or crew member or any other carrying kit/equipment that you should be carrying.) allowed during the event.
  17. The use of pacers IS allowed on Ultra distance events, however they should offer no physical assistance. They should not open and close gates for you, as this is classed as physical assistance and gives and unfair advantage over runners who have to so themselves.
  18. We actively encourage all runners to have crew support (motorised where possible) as Trail Outlaws cannot help in the transporting of crew members. We believe that the distance and course is challenge enough and that our friends and family put up with our training and time away, so actively encourage them to be with you at the event. However all crew must abide by the rules of the event at all times and listen to and take heed of any event staff direction. Crews must not jam up any of the trails or byways or highways during the event. Any violations of the rules by the crew and or pacers will result in the disqualification of the runner.
  19. You must carry a fully charged mobile phone and the number must be given to event staff prior or at the registration of the event.
  20. You must be 18 years of age on the day of the event to take part in a 50 mile + event. You must be 21 years of age on the day of the even to take part in a 100 mile + event.

Coach Transfer for the Race

Coach Transfer

Coach Transfer for the Race

Coach Transfer

Although the race starts at Melrose, most people decide to register at Wooler and leave their car at Wooler.(There is also a free shuttle service from the race finish at Holy Island to Wooler.). If you decide to register at Wooler. You can also book a coach transfer from Wooler to Melrose to get you start of the race, if you do not have a support team to take you. You are also able to register at Melrose if that is a better option for you.

Book Coach Transfer/Accommodation.


Wooler YHA

We have managed to secure the Wooler YHA for the whole weekend. So you can book accomodation at the hostel from Friday night through to Sunday. So if you are travelling to the race or even just fancy a lie in. There is everything from rooms of two to shared bunk rooms. Bedding is provided but you will need to bring your own towel.

Book Coach Transfer/Accommodation.

Race Registration/Finish/HQ

Wooler Youth Hostel,

30 Cheviot Street,



NE71 6LW

Map for Wooler YHA

Race Start

Abbey Mill Park,




Map for Start location at Melrose


Wooler Auction Mart,

Berwick Road,



NE71 6SL

Map for Wooler Auction Mart

Race Presentation

Crossman Hall,

Holy Island,


TD15 2ST

Map for Holy Island
Male Category Year Time
Artur Jendrych M 2017 07:47:47
Jonathan Heaney M40 2019 08:58:29
David Wilson M50 2016 09:23:00
Alan Jackson M60 2016 09:54:00
Mike Gill M70 2019 13:52:22
Female Category Year Time
Jenny Yeo F 2019 09:01:27
Jenny Yeo F40 2019 09:01:27
Susan Clapham F50 2015 09:31:33
Bridget Peberdy F60 2019 12:14:46
Male Category Year Time
Peter Thompson M 2021 07:31:05
Gary Thwaites M40 2022 08:30:17
Luke Gow M50 2022 09:18:39
Richard Hudson M60 2021 11:30:57
Paddy McDonald M70 2022 12:09:24
Female Category Year Time
Madelaine Wood F 2021 09:03:51
Jenny Featherstone F40 2021 09:06:24
Kate Henderson F50 2022 10:59:06
Felicity Aries F60 2021 13:32:11
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